The daily worldwide tracker of penalties for financial benchmark manipulation
Information provided by the Banking and Financial Disputes group at Collyer Bristow LLP


Since the first major revelation of financial benchmark manipulation in June 2012, when the Financial Services Authority (now called the Financial Conduct Authority) in the UK fined Barclays Bank Plc £59.5 million for Libor manipulation, there have been actions by regulators worldwide over the manipulation of financial benchmarks – Libor, Euribor, ISDAfix, Forex and BBSW. Regulatory activities continue in many jurisdictions and it has been accompanied by litigation against banks in the UK, USA and elsewhere with very substantial settlements being achieved.

This tracker plots the imposition of penalties worldwide and is reviewed on a daily basis by staff at Collyer Bristow and updated as necessary. It is hoped that the tracker will be of value to lawyers, regulators and journalists and we welcome any suggestions for improvement.

Some of our own views about legal action that may arise in the UK from financial benchmark manipulation are indicated on the Collyer Bristow Banking and Financial Disputes page but our updated views can be obtained by contacting Collyer Bristow banking disputes partners:-

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